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PROMOTE GROUP introduces CFD to its client through our efficient trading accounts. Clients can now Buy and Sell major stock indices.


The PROMOTE GROUP Contract for Difference (CFD) Technology was developed for traders to make large CFD orders that has minimal slip works brining clients the easiest and best trading experience. PROMOTE GROUP provides very low latency executions from a pool of liquidity. It is designed to be known for the development and deployment of an IT infrastructure brining support to the demands of trading applications.

Institutional Traders Optimization

Trade flows are very hard for the part of the Traders thus our technology is designed for the support of Institutional trade flows. Traders who trade with large size accounts in single tickets can place their trust in the strength of our solutions.

We are capable of handling multi fills or transactions where in we can get to sweep large orders through our multi level Liquidity Aggregator

Why should we trade CFD’s

It offers a wide range of new possibilities for the markets to diversify strategies in trading as well as take advantage of the multi opportunities across the globe when it comes to equities presented by the markets.


Stock indexes also offer a way to hedge existing equities exposure to the market and heighten the impact on volatility of the stock market.


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Seeing is believing

Can open and trade unlimited simulation accounts, experience the implementation of subtle orders and enjoy ultra-low transaction costs in the industry

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